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S2Ep6: Following Your Heart to Accomplish Your Dreams with Evelyn Uba, Esq.

When today’s guest, Evelyn Uba, first migrated to the United States from Nigeria in 1983, she dreamed of one day finishing law school and becoming a lawyer. Nearly a decade of hard work and dedication later, she recently went viral when her daughter posted a video of her jumping for joy after passing her state's bar exam. The video received over 400,000 views on Twitter and, since becoming licensed, Evelyn now plans to work with criminal defense to help give a voice to low income and marginalized communities and hopes to inspire others to keep pushing, even when times get tough and all hope seems lost. In today’s conversation, she shares how her immigrant background has given her a different perspective, how she has overcome the limitations imposed on her because of her gender, and how she empowers her children to do the same. She also emphasizes the importance of empathy, prioritizing and reprioritizing to accomplish your dreams, and following your heart. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Evelyn explains how her immigrant background has shaped her passion and dedication.

  • How she empowers her three daughters to never let themselves be limited by their gender.

  • The importance of using your strengths to live out your passions.

  • Why Evelyn became a lawyer and the promise that led to her graduating from law school.

  • Find out what sparked her passion for working with marginalized communities.

  • Evelyn shares why she believes that her children are also pursuing careers in law.

  • The importance of empathy and helping others without judgement or expecting reward.

  • Learn about the work Evelyn is doing and the gaps in the system that she is trying to fill.

  • How she overcame her mom guilt and her advice to other moms who might be juggling their studies and raising children: set your priorities.

  • The value of perseverance when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

  • What advice Evelyn has given her children about pursuing their passion: follow your heart!

  • How seeing the tangible impact her work makes is all the reward that Evelyn needs.

  • Why she believes in the value of seeing things from a different perspective.

  • Some of the resources she has leaned on during challenging times, including her blessings.

  • Tuning out the noise to focus on what you really want by prioritizing.

  • Last words of advice for young dreamers: it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams!


“Whatever gift or whatever strength you have, embellish [on it] and be who you are. I don’t believe in limitations because of being a woman.” — Evelyn Uba [0:07:00]

“It has been a long journey but, right now, I look at it and then I look at my children, [and] I don’t regret anything.” — Evelyn Uba [0:18:03]

“If you can’t help people, then that’s fine but, if you can and you are in a position to help, do it willingly and don’t expect anything back. You’re not doing it for reward, you’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do.” — Evelyn Uba [0:22:47]

“You have to follow your heart. What do you really want? Listen to your friends, listen to your family [but], at the end of the day, this is your life.” — Evelyn Uba [0:42:41]

“Sometimes, that’s what people need, is to see things from a different perspective. You have to step outside the box.” — Evelyn Uba [0:49:04]

“Take time, [re]charge, and go back, but don’t give up.” — Evelyn Uba [0:57:56]

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