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S3Ep17: Freedom of Choice

Many of us are familiar with feeling stuck in our situation. Whether it’s continuing to work in a job we loathe or attending a school that is making us unhappy, the accompanying feelings of guilt, judgment, and obligation can make us believe that we have no choice but to stick it out. By taking a step back and assessing the situation you may find that you have more freedom of choice available to you than you initially thought. This week on the show we unpack the concept of freedom of choice and how modern society can make us feel unworthy of that freedom. Tuning in you’ll learn about the impact that small everyday decisions can have on the planet, how to empower yourself through distance, and why the opportunity to make a choice is the true freedom, not the choice itself!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: Freedom of Choice.

  • Why the freedom to make a choice is the true freedom, not the choice itself.

  • Common misconceptions about karma and why Bahar prefers Alan Watts’ definition.

  • Why karma means reaction and how this can be observed in nature.

  • How your choices cause chain reactions and many more choices.

  • Artificial intelligence and the freedom of choice that they possess.