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S2Ep5: Curiosity and Creativity

Hey, all you Lawvely listeners! We are going through some strange and crazy times right now, with such an array of issues and problems facing us on so many levels. With all this going on it can be hard to maintain our practices of rest and reflection, but connecting with ourselves should be a priority for us all! All it takes for us to keep moving forward and transforming our lives for the better is to find small things that interest us and light our fire. Small ideas can become big dreams and these can become our reality; this process starts with curiosity and a positive attitude towards problem-solving. The best solutions are simple ones that can be tried and tested, so use your curiosity and passion to drive progress in your life and work! Life does not have to be all about the bigger picture, and when we start to engage and get busy with the things that light us up, we can find happiness in the simplest of things.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We are living through strange and uncertain times right now!

  • Finding time for self-connection and small ideas can lead to big changes.

  • The first law of the universe is about love and creativity and the rest come after that.

  • Putting in the time to developing your creative side is an important part of self-fulfillment.

  • Asking 'why' regularly can make a big impact on your life and progress.

  • The central role of curiosity; the desire to know more about the world around us.

  • Stories and secrets; making sense of our lives through creative means.

  • The story of the soap manufacturing plant and the lesson it teaches us about simple innovation.

  • The relationship between curiosity and inspiration.

  • Self-care is central to everything! Losing track of this is selfish!

  • Questioning the inner world and connecting the dots between emotions.

  • Live your life and don't get caught up wondering about its meaning all the time!


“We live in a time, where the concept of aliens coming to earth is no longer the strangest thing that has happened to this planet.” — @baharansarilaw [0:01:18]

“Developing your natural creativity skills, the other half of your brain, through habitual creative exercises is a practice you should adopt.” — @baharansarilaw [0:02:06]

"Have you ever heard people say the book was better than the movie? Well for me, the story told by the hero is better than any book.” — @baharansarilaw [0:03:06]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:



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