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S2Ep4: Accessing the Energy of a Divine Feminine Leader with Cam Kashani

Today we are continuing on the theme of the divine feminine and are extremely lucky to be joined by founder, award-winner, leadership coach, and inspirational speaker, Cam Kashani! Cam used to be known as the Godmother of Silicon Beach, and we get to hear all about her amazing journey, full of ups and downs, that ultimately is a great lesson and example of self-love and empowerment. These days Cam is fully focussed on the authentic empowerment of women, and she brings this deep-rooted passion to her work every day. She is also the mother of two wonderful twin boys and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the most inspirational women today! Cam holds degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing, as well as a certification as an advanced spiritual psychologist. Our conversation covers a huge amount of ground today, and we get to hear all about her belief in the power of a collective shift in energy. Cam wants to help women and create a more harmonious environment for everyone. For her, this means an atmosphere of courage and self-belief, where we can begin to unlearn certain habits that seem to hold so many people back from accessing their divine power. To hear it all, join us on Lawvely today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Cam's definition of what it means to be a divine feminine leader!

  • The amazing and transformative journey that Cam has been on in her career and personal life.

  • How Cam aids her clients to regain a sense of self, and her avoidance of advice.

  • The impacts of cultural shaming; Cam's own experiences of struggling with various challenges.

  • Positive progress through generational changes and redirecting the conversation.

  • The process of unlearning; pairing acceptance with the need to break the cycle.

  • The fundamental needs for humans of belonging, empowerment, and freedom.

  • Fears of not being enough and the commonly held feelings of inadequacy.

  • The legacy of childhood trauma and the work that is necessary to heal these wounds.

  • How Cam has transformed her challenges and journey into a service for others.

  • Unpacking the unstoppability of the divine feminine leader and how to access this.

  • Balancing the traditional concepts of the masculine and feminine according to individual needs.

  • Learning to flow with what is natural and develop in accordance with your inner world.

  • The central part that courage plays in a healthy life and relationship with the self.


“The divine feminine leader is intentional, she trusts herself, she loves herself, she is detached and fluid, she is empowered, she is aligned, she follows her intuition, she leads from love. She believes in community over competition, and she is so present and so powerful.” — @cam_kashani [0:03:16]

“There was no self-love, I didn't even understand what self-love was.” — @cam_kashani [0:06:31]

“I want every other woman and every human to feel this sense of freedom that lies within us, and to feel this sense of authentic empowerment.” — @cam_kashani [0:10:39]

“It was the pain that really got me to a place of clarity and truth.” — @cam_kashani [0:14:52]

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