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Ep 10: Holistic Fitness and Mental Clarity with Niko Crequat

There are intrinsic links between our physical health and how we show up in the different parts of our lives. Here to share his thoughts on implementing simple and life-changing healthy practices, is the wonderful Niko Crequat! In our conversation, we dive deep into the important role that a healthy body plays in a strong mind, and Niko talks about the links between these aspects of human life. We also hear from our guest about his background in the corporate space, his earlier days in France, and how he transitioned into the wellness world to better suit his outlook and dreams. Niko does an amazing job of sharing why calisthenics is such a useful tool for good health, talking about why he avoids joining a gym and the back-to-basics approach that has worked so well for him and his clients. We also spend some time discussing diet and the types of foods that serve us well, and those that do not! This chat is situated within the context of the global pandemic and these rules for a better life are more relevant than ever as we all have to increasingly take control and manage our bodies! Niko's advice for actionable exercises and goal setting is truly inspiring, so make sure to catch this great episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Niko's corporate background, life in Paris, and move to the US!

  • Comparing health practices in America with those more common in France.

  • The motivation for Niko's transition into the holistic wellness space.

  • How Niko looks at his work; a holistic approach to health and fitness.

  • Introducing the mindset aspect of fitness work and why Niko emphasizes the 'why'.

  • Niko's advice for starting out on a more healthy journey around how much is possible!

  • Some of the best and worst parts of our diets and Niko's thoughts on how we can adjust accordingly.

  • Helpful philosophies about improving on and replacing parts of our diets and food habits.

  • Niko's fitness regimen and how he stays strong and healthy without visiting a gym!

  • Applying holistic and healthy rules across the gender divide; the power of calisthenics.

  • The part that the natural environment plays in Niko's routines.

  • Bringing meditation into exercise through challenges such as handstands.

  • 'Wish for it, work for it'; Niko's mantra for creating your life.

  • Simple daily practices; mobility, basic calisthenics, and cardio.

  • Thoughts on the current moment and the effects of empowering yourself through health.

  • Important information about Niko's course, Online Calisthenics!


“I really felt the need to get out there and help people have a healthier and happier life.” — Niko Crequat [0:002:20]

“We are human because we are able to move and go look for food that is not necessarily next to us.” — Niko Crequat [0:10:21]

“Going on a walk is a good start, if you are that sedentary and you are not moving at all, start waking daily.” — Niko Crequat [0:12:20]

“So many people get caught in their own life and just think that is the way it is. And it's not, it's really not.” — Niko Crequat [0:49:19]

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