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Ep 08: Learning to Listen to Your Body in Order to Live Your Healthiest Life with Dr. Michelle Wolfo

Your body communicates with you through a variety of symptoms that appear in your mood, sleep habits, and your skin. Reading these signs correctly and responding to them in the right way can ensure the healthiest possible life. Today’s guest is Dr. Michelle Wolford, a successful naturopathic doctor who intertwines western medical training with eastern practices, plant knowledge, nutrition, movement, breathwork, and spirituality. We open the show by hearing about Michelle’s experiences with eastern medicine as an injured college athlete. She then walks us through a variety of different foods; some to be avoided, others to be supplemented, and many which should be considered. Michelle also talks about how the body is always sending out signals which hint at its needs. Listeners will then find out how people’s bodies respond in their own unique ways. Some of the negative responses can come from sensitivities or allergies in the body, which Michelle expands on. Later on in the episode, Michelle explains how you can routinely check in with yourself, and provides a series of useful introspective questions to ask. To conclude, Michelle describes what a healthy day looks like and touches on constitution, mindfulness, sleeping habits, and bowel movements. Be sure to join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Michelle Wolford.

  • Michelle tells us how her book of clients has changed in recent times.

  • What led to Michelle wanting to become a doctor.

  • Symptoms of the body you should pay attention to.

  • The influences our digestive tracts have on the rest of our body.

  • Superfoods you should be on the lookout for.

  • Michelle shares some foods you ought to avoid.

  • Hear about what an IGE reaction is, and what it means for the body.

  • Michelle then talks about the body’s IGG response and its characteristics.

  • Hear about folate acids and its characteristics.

  • A good routine to keep, as recommended by Michelle.

  • Good check-in questions to ask yourself.

  • Symptoms for being dehydrated or having consumed too much caffeine.

  • Solutions to combating the unhealthy levels of fluoride in water.

  • Food alternatives to rice and bread.

  • The most important foods to cut from your diet.

  • What a healthy day looks like to Michelle.

  • Michelle explains the circadian rhythm.

  • The advice Michelle would give her 16-year-old self.


“I’m not opposed to western medicine, but I think it is awesome when you have an emerging situation and you need something to change immediately in the body, you have all these other tools in your kit.” — Dr. Michell Wolfrod [0:05:21]

“When I understand what somebody’s lifestyle is based on their career choice, I think that tells me a lot about their health and symptoms.” — Dr. Michell Wolfrod [0:08:22]

“People who have been vaccinated typically react to eggs, because they oftentimes grow the vaccine in an eggwhite milieu, so the body just reads it as ‘bad, bad, bad.’” — Dr. Michell Wolfrod [0:19:05]

“If you take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two, that will give you the number of ounces that would be most ideal for you to drink in a day.” — Dr. Michell Wolfrod [0:34:12]

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