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Ep 07: Falling in Love with Internet Law with Jess

Today on the Lawvely Podcast we welcome Jess to talk about her expertise and opinions on the subject of internet laws and Section 230. More specifically, this relates to content moderation and free expression across spaces on the internet, and Jess really gives us an inside look at this important and burgeoning discourse. We get into the idea of technological methods for better content moderation, what online communities could possibly look like in the near future, and how, despite the policy and technology components, internet law relates mostly to human problems. Jess shares some of her history in the space and fills in the gaps about her journey to her current position at Google. She also shares some of the major challenges that are posed by this area of the legal world, citing the scaling of policies across different sized companies as a major puzzle to solve. We discuss the cultural shifts that need to still happen around trust and safety and our guest shares some great perspectives on how the implementation of the laws could be improved. So for all that and more, listen in with us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jess' early interests in law and the internet and the array of subjects she studied.

  • The jobs that Jess has held since she started her degree at law school.

  • Some of the interesting and surprising aspects of Section 230!

  • Jess' thoughts on the future of Section 230 and where things might go from here.

  • Challenges facing the policy-makers for these internet laws: the issue of scale.

  • Jess' personal hope for developments in this space; positive amendments for solving problems.

  • The necessary cultural shifts around the importance of trust and safety.

  • Operational practices that go along with effective implementation of Section 230.


“Throughout law school I have spoken and written extensively about Section 230.” — Jess [0:02:52]

“I would say that Section 230 is a really boring law, and that surprises people!” — Jess [0:04:40]

“When you are writing policies that is also super difficult because when you think about it, the internet and society is constantly evolving on a day-to-day basis.” — Jess [0:13:54]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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