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Ep 05: Illuminating Immigration Law with Jacob

It is most definitely an interesting point in the history of US immigration law and to shed some light on this subject, we are joined on the show by Jacob. Our guest has managed to turn his own journey with immigration into a career in the field, and after studying and interning, he turned the experience and the lessons he learned into the expertise that he now shares with his clients. We chat about this particular moment, why it might be a good time to think about a move to the United States, and also what it is like working in immigration law right now. Jacob explains his thoughts on the systems in the country, the opportunities it affords new immigrants and the ways that cases can be approached for the most success and efficiency. Jacob is a big proponent of technology and has built his business almost solely around his online presence. He tells us about his first blog and the development of this onto other platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok! He makes a strong argument for why this is an indispensable part of a law firm's work in 2020, and the way that this dynamic has been compounded by the pandemic. So for all this and more, from an energetic voice coming out of such an interesting sector of the legal world, be sure to listen in with us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some background from Jacob, his move to the US, and his work in immigration law.

  • How Jacob uses his own story to help set an example for clients.

  • Jacob's business and how he built it around sharing the information he learned himself.

  • The importance of personality and empathy in dealing with clients.

  • Blogs, Facebook, and Instagram; the evolution of Jacob's online presence.

  • Cultural shocks and horror stories from Jacob's clients!

  • The sheer amount of paperwork and time that go into immigration cases.

  • The ability to be discovered online — how important this is in today's climate.

  • Advice and tips from Jacob for those considering a move to the US.

  • Thoughts on the short term future of immigration law after the election.

  • Jacob weighs in with some reasons to choose the US over other countries.


“The one thing that I learned in my first year in the US is that in this country if you don't take control of the situation, nothing is going to happen.” — Jacob [0:05:32]

“Every time I would go somewhere I would post a picture, I would write a caption, that's how I was building my brand and within a few years I had more business than some lawyers who were doing this for 20 or 30 years. ” — Jacob [0:10:35]

“TikTok for me is one of my biggest platforms right now, I'm getting so many leads from there it's unbelievable. I do videos on TikTok every single day, at least one video.” — Jacob [0:18:20]

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