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Ep 02: The Law of Happiness and Choosing Love

Is there a law of happiness that we might all be able to agree with? When we investigate the arc of human life, the one constant that we see is love, from the day we are born to the major events throughout our lives, and as we leave the world. So how do we maintain a focus on love and find ways to bring more and more of it into our everyday lives? In today's episode, Bahar offers plenty of food for thought and some very simple directives for pursuing happiness and choosing love whenever we have the chance. This means doing something we love every day and gaining an understanding of love as the essence of humanity. With this present in our minds, we cannot help but move towards happier lives and more fulfillment. Bahar lists out the central elements to this idea of a law of happiness and reminds listeners that your happiness is your own, and may be very different from someone else's! Listen in to this episode to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Considering possibilities for an agreeable 'law of happiness'.

  • Human nature, everyday happiness, and finding a realistic balance.

  • Defining the important terms for a law of happiness.

  • Locating the individual pursuit of happiness within a collective's set of ethics.

  • The universal law of love — the only constant and absolute throughout our lives.

  • How laws connect to love; the legal sides of milestones in human lives.

  • The important components of the journey to happiness!