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Ep 01: My Lawvestory — Bridging the Gap Between Love and Law with Creativity

Welcome to the #Lawvely podcast! This is the show where we bring you into the conversation about the synergy of love and law, with an emphasis on your happiness! To kick things off, Bahar shares her story; her roots and early years in Iran, her relocation to the US, and her path to her legal career. We are all surrounded by rules which govern our relationship to ourselves and others, they are vital to how we live our lives and achieve our dreams. Thus you have to have a grip on at least some laws in order to be happy! Studies show that only 14% of Americans are actually happy, so what contributes to this lack of satisfaction in the country? Unpacking this question, Bahar looks at how love moves us, the constant change we are all exposed to, and the negotiability of everything in our lives. The topic of creativity is central to this discussion and its development and facilitation can improve many aspects of our lives. This first episode is a rallying call to choose love and stay open-minded, attacking challenges head-on with enough patience for a solution, be sure to tune in to hear it all and subscribe for future episodes!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The relationship between happiness and the law.

  • Effects that happiness has on all parts of an individual's life.

  • Happiness and the economy; hard work, productivity, creativity, and enjoyment.

  • A quick recap of Bahar's story — her birth in Iran, move to the US, studies, and career.

  • The lack of diversity in the law field and paths towards progress.

  • The ethos behind the 2nd Law and the lessons that Bahar carried forward from her prior work.

  • Definitions of success and what this means to Bahar currently.

  • The 'lawve' method and how Bahar uses it in her personal and professional life.

  • Finding a calling and its roots in childhood — defining what love means to us.

  • The helpful role of rules, and how creativity bridges the gap between love and laws.

  • The opportunity of problems — sparking the creative spirit.

  • Innovation and negotiation; developing creativity and an inquisitive demeanor.

  • How to 'lawve'; defining happiness, dreaming big, asking and answering the right questions, and more!

  • Daily steps for making progress and finding happiness.

  • Life as a unicorn in law — Bahar's vision for her career in her chosen field!


“On average happy people are more successful than unhappy people, at both work and love.” — @baharansarilaw [0:01:42]

“Positive emotions help both our bodies and our minds cope with stress, challenges, and negative feelings.” — @baharansarilaw [0:02:27]

“It's a brand new world, a world that did not exist when I pursued my first dream. Justice meant something different now.” — @baharansarilaw [0:07:16]

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