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Knowledge is power. Be empowered to protect your legal rights.


Over the years, I have developed the best legal documents that I believe everyone should have for their #lawve

Every Business is built on contracts; Contracts with customers, contracts with partners, contracts with employees and freelancers, contracts with service providers. A written contract gives you the assurance that these key relationships are protected and that everyone’s expectations are met. A good contract helps to defuse disputes and to allow work to proceed smoothly.


Keep your relationships clear. Get the contracts you need for your business from my DIY library of templates. You have worked hard to create the business you have dreamed of. Now make sure your dream is protected with the proper legal documents.  Each contract comes with directions for use, and provisions that will protect your business now and in the future.

Knowledge is power. Be empowered to protect your legal rights.

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New Online


  1. Owner Agreement 

  2. Website Terms & Conditions

  3. Privacy Policy

  4. Confidentiality Agreement

New Coach Template Bundle

  1. Website Terms & Conditions

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Client Agreement

  4. Group Program Agreement

  5. Testimonial Release Form

  6. Confidentiality Agreement

Website Legal Template


  1. Website Terms & Conditions

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Disclaimer

Contracts: (48-hour turnaround)

For Co-owning

Employment Agreement

The Employment Agreement spells out the rules, rights and responsibilities for both parties and includes all Employment conditions like performance metrics, and any unique promises like paid vacation, and other special perks.




Independent Contractor Agreement

Whether are working with a contractor or you are a contractor, we have the right agreement for you. Our independent contractor agreements help everyone to know what work needs to be done, when and how it’s paid for, and who owns what. That goes a long way towards making a safe & smooth relationship.

Confidentiality Agreement

In a world where creativity is the new currency, co-creation is the new norm. Confidentiality Agreement can help protect your information in these situations by defining the scope of that sharing, create binding obligations on the parties, and provide enforcement mechanisms if the agreement is breached.

Service Agreement

Any business that offers services to clients should have a services agreement. This help set the terms of the transaction and give you the means to control outcomes by determining payment schedules, approval processes, project timelines, and more.