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S2Ep2: Exploring the Power of the Divine Feminine with Adele

This season of the show is all about women's rights and strong feminine energy! And to kick things off we have a wonderful friend and beautiful soul on the show. Adele is a massage therapist, Reiki master-teacher, medical assistant, healer, and psychology graduate! In her massage practice, she uses a holistic and intuitive approach to facilitate healing, and considers this work to be her dream job! We have a fascinating and illuminating conversation, getting into why change is always possible, the constant evolution of life, and the power each of us has to choose who we are. Adele sheds some light on what it means to be deeply sensitive and still function in this world, touching on themes of communication, honesty, and authenticity. Our conversation also takes an interesting turn into the relationship between celebration and feelings of grief and loss, with Adele sharing her own experiences and learning around challenging times. Listeners can expect to gain some great fresh perspective on the current feminist climate and where we can all go from here, towards a better world. Tune in to hear it all, on Lawvely!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Adele's thoughts on and definitions of divine feminine and masculine energy.

  • A journey with authenticity; how Adele has arrived comfortably in her truth.

  • The curbing of masculine emotion and the effects of boys going off to war.

  • Dangers that still exist for women speaking and living their truth.

  • Adele's descriptors for balance; finding a still point, owning feelings, and more.

  • A healthy approach for moving forward while accepting masculine and feminine energy.

  • How safety contributes to better and more open lines of communication.

  • Non-judgement as a way to healing; keeping as clear a head as possible while allowing space for mistakes.

  • Adele's perspective on getting comfortable living with grief.

  • Dealing progressively with the stages of change and difficulty in life.

  • Better boundaries and the improvements that Adele is currently noting in society.

  • Getting into 'the zone' and living in a state of flow more often.

  • Adele's advice to today's feminist and the emphasis she places on joy and love.

  • The return of guidance and intuition as the primary drivers of feminine power.


“If anybody is in a position where they have to stifle their truth it is really, really, really, essential to look at that.” — Adele [0:09:41]

“Feminism, to me, is a movement that was utterly necessary. In the beginning it was kind of militant, I mean I lived through burning the bras and all that stuff.” — Adele [0:11:02]

“We can't heal anything out of resentment and a lot of the early movements had a shit-ton of resentment. And they got the wheel rolling, and now we have to come back to integration and balance, back to love.” — Adele [0:12:18]

“There are times to be loud. To be loudly heard, to take action, not defiantly but with full participation, and that can still be seen as very feminine.” — Adele [0:22:31]

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