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Creativity For Modern Lawyers


Unleash your creativity:

Unleash your creativity. 


Learn to develop your natural creativity skills and rewire your brain and your business for happiness. Preservation is the opposite of transformation. Are you ready to start over? To transform your business? 


Dream. Believe. Inspire. Create... with #lawve


Remember though dreams are sometimes dreams and sometimes nightmares. Sun and the moon. Light and dark. Are you thick-skinned enough to enjoy your dream and its sorrows? 


If yes, then you are ready for Lawve School. 


It's the hardships that make the dreams feel alive.

Love what you do and do what you love. I will teach you how.

Join Me for my latest Course or workshop!

Law Firm Branding Through Storytelling

2-hour live Workshop

People don't buy products or services anymore, they buy because of the story behind your brand. Make it big online. Learn how to utilize social media as a tool to showcase your expertise & services. Learn how to build a digital storefront for your law firm.

Mock Counsel of Silicon Valley 10-Week Live Course

There are many opportunities in the IT world right now & there is a need for diverse experiences and backgrounds. The only thing that you need to get your feet wet is to learn how the IT world works, the lingo & the client personality. Commercializing your legal knowledge is a learned skill that's not taught in law school. It only comes from experience.

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