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Global Constitution 🌎⚖️

Global Constitution



Evolve beyond our human-limitation with humanity, humility, and empathy.


“We the People of the earth, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure planetary Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for earth.''


  • Do the right things for the right reasons

  • Move with common purpose

  • Grow ties within the Union

  • Insure Justice

  • Insure peacefulness

  • Secure & defend

  • Advance the general Welfare

  • share the Blessings of Liberty

All laws must be constitutional AND promote one of the above goals in a meaningful way measured through impact & results.

Maximization of human choice

  • Balance : Always balance the scales of individual’s freedoms vs society member’s freedoms (the needs of many outweigh the need of a few or one)

  • Cooperation rather than competition.

  • Inclusion, again cooperation rather than competition

  • Fairness and justice means to create balance

  • People before profits

  • Transparency- kind honesty is the best policy.

  • All delivered with Maximum kindness


  • Love: to have actions taken from a loving intent to accomplish objectives

  • Unity: to work together towards our common objectives

  • Growth: to co-create & evolve with the future in mind

  • Measurements of results: balance, evolution, health of humanity, health of nature.


Article 1: Agile Constitution

  • Living document meant to evolve with humanity. May add additional freedoms or change rights with ⅔ majority vote, but may not decrease rights.

Article 2: Human autonomy

  • Privacy and autonomy in thoughts, hearing, speaking

  • Freedom from control & oppression & mass manipulation

Article 3: Human dignity

  • Choice over your body

  • Autonomy over body and reproduction- balanced freedom of choice- balance (legal avenue: financial responsibility at inception for fathers) **the rest, her body her choice, a medical choice- the medical board can set standards (no earlier than 20 weeks unless proof/evidence the baby can live)

  • Freedom of association

  • Creating balance in gender and racial gaps

  • Universal income (could be created from licensing digital footprint-data as asset)

Article 4: Human health

  • Cleanup the food source to as close to its natural form, sustainable, in balance with nature.

  • Cleanup the waters, use natural water movements rather than pipes and create natural fire barriers. Carry the water in zigzag or circular motion downhill.

  • Replace plastic with hemp

  • Food is guaranteed to all

  • Solar, wind, and water as main sources of energy

  • Hemp is food, medicine, and material for whatever purpose humanity decides

Article 5: Freedom of Speech

  • Test: does one person’s right to free speech outweigh the cost to society. Always balance the scales of individual’s right vs society member’s rights (the needs of many outweigh the need of a few or one)

  • Sexist and racist hate speech unprotected

Article 6: Ideas, intellectual property, and creations

  • What one creates, one owns and must be compensated for accordingly

  • Encouragement of creativity, critical and independent thinking

Article 7: Privacy

  • A global data rule: your individual data is your property

  • Individuals own their own data and digital footprint

Article 8: Equal opportunity

  • Balanced laws and neutral enforcement of laws regardless of gender, color, partner-preferences etc. human-laws

  • ** due to previous imbalance: goal is to create balance

Article 9: Public health

  • Upgrade the healthcare system to get ahead of existing disease

  • Universal healthcare

Article 10: Stable country borders

  • What is, remains, if disputed, see dispute resolution.

Article 11: Freedom of movement & residencies

  • Fair residency rules

  • Freedom and opportunity of movement

  • Streamlined immigration systems that are more uniform

Article 12: Uniform minimum taxation

  • Minimum global tax: 15% disputed to territories based on headcount

Article 13: Independent Judiciaries

  • Absolutely independent judiciary with logical laws, not based on religion!

Article 14: Conflict resolution

  • Only legally.

  1. File official lawsuit. While the suit is pending, complete cease fire. Whichever side intentionally violates ceasefire loses in favor of default judgment to other side

  2. request for investigation and advisory opinion from UN

  3. Negotiate an agreement. Make all demands and begin the process. Each side gets only their top 5 requests.

  4. If unable to resolve territory dispute peacefully, the disputed territory becomes UN territory much like national parks

Article 15: Language & culture

  • Respect for heritage and cultural practices as long as its not harmful to other beings & the environment l. Respect is mutual.

Article 16: Family

  • Free childcare

  • Universal healthcare

Article 17: Marriage

  • No forced marriage

  • No child marriage

  • Marriage is between two consenting adults

  • Divorce by either party for whatever reason

Article 18: Separation of religion & governance

  • Religion outside of governance- personal practice not pushed onto other people or government

  • If a religious practice is harmful to another’s well being, it does not receive any protection from the law

  • If religion is politicized, govt reserves the right to revoke any and all benefits granted

  • High-level government employees, judges & politicians may not belong officially to religious organizations. Only a private practice

Article 19: Labor rules

  • No child labor

  • No forced labor

  • Fair and protective labor rules & wages regardless of residency

Article 20: Rights of Minors & children

  • No child marriage

  • No child labor

  • Better systems of childcare than orphanages or foster care

Article 21: Financial system & currency

  • Financial freedom & independence

  • A banking & financial system for the benefit of the people eliminating the system of financial slavery. Banks should not be more than 1.5% profitability annually.

Article 22: Education

  • Universal Education upto whatever level desired

  • No more than 1.5% profitability annually.

  • Well-paid staff

  • Trade schools also included

Article 23: Ethics Board of Innovation

  • Create product-roadmap for humanity- submit applications for new inventions and create a roadmap with approval dates for products that relate to each-other for the benefit of humanity

  • Board of 5-member states rotating.

Article 24: Public utilities

  • Most public assets to be owned as public co-ops and operated based on wellness rather than profits

  • Co-ops to invest in approved innovations with principles aligned with the advancements of humanity holistically

Article 25: Governance

  • Voting rights- make it as easy as possible to vote through technology and to encourage participation of all qualified residents

  • Governance needs to focus on resource management

  • Freedom from corruption

  • A true direct democracy - reach internet usage of 80% of humanity to upgrade voting mechanisms fully by 2027 for phase 1, by 2030 for absolute monarchies to transition to democracies. Adopt a constitution and elect a pm as well as independent judges and other officials with max allowed for political donations and campaigns.

  • Maximum age for politicians of 69, and maximum term 12 years.

  • NO political prisoners.

  • Government workers can only participate in investments through 401k managers. Neither the government employee or their family is allowed to participate in the stock market during an active term +/- 9 months.

Article 26: Security

  • No weapons. No weapons. No weapons. Any weapons Only developed for planetary defense. Period.

  • Climate is the priority. Cool it with oil extraction and usage asap.

Article 27: Weapons

  • No weapons. No weapons. No weapons. Any weapons Only developed for planetary defense. Period.

  • After 2023, only women have a license to carry and manage access. Advances sensors and recognition for identity verification and target recognition auto-off button.

  • Must buy ammunition from police stations and for repurchasing, must give inventory on how bullets were used

  • Licensing requirements, background check, mental health check, bullets and DNA registration, fingerprint and eye scan registration - in the future-upgrade identification with latest technology and adopt more advanced safety mechanisms

  • No civilian use or ownership of automatic weapons- zero

  • Guns can only be purchased from law enforcement, not any random shop or walmart

  • Disarm nuclear weapons.- keep only approved and independently operated sites only for planetary defense purposes

  • ALL disable and turn over control over nuclear weapons to an independent international counsel

  • Rebuild security counsel and amend un charter- must elect new security counsel. There must be a removal mechanism. If 85% of countries vote to remove a country, then they can. For any blatant violation of the charter by any country, they are automatically expelled and a new country elected in its place.

  • Veto-override or no veto at all- 2/3 GA can override a veto

Article 28: Climate

  • MEET global carbon reduction goals by 2028 . Absolute deadline

  • Carbon tax paid to UN by weapons manufacturers & governments who uses it for any purpose including drills and exercise at 40% of purchase price per use

Article 29: Space exploration

  • No weaponry in space anywhere except for self defense. No testing until earth climate has stabilized and pre-studies have been done on impact of it. If done, expelled from the program and will pay for all damages, cleanup and punitive damages.

  • No military use of space for any reason except for planetary defense!

  • The rest, according to the space constitution (In progress)

Article 30: Artificial Intelligence

  • Autonomous AI must be recognized as so.





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