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  • Bahar Ansari

Global Constitution 🌎⚖️

Updated: Jan 24

Global Constitution



Evolve beyond our human-limitation with humanity, humility, and empathy.


“We the People of the earth, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure planetary Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for earth.''


  • Do the right things for the right reasons

  • Move with common purpose

  • Grow ties within the Union

  • Insure Justice

  • Insure peacefulness

  • Secure & defend

  • Advance the general Welfare

  • share the Blessings of Liberty

All laws must be constitutional AND promote one of the above goals in a meaningful way measured through impact & results.

Maximization of human choice

  • Balance : Always balance the scales of individual’s freedoms vs society member’s freedoms (the needs of many outweigh the need of a few or one)

  • Cooperation rather than competition.

  • Inclusion, again cooperation rather than competition

  • Fairness and justice means to create balance

  • People before profits

  • Transparency- kind honesty is the best policy.

  • All delivered with Maximum kindness


  • Love: to have actions taken from a loving intent to accomplish objectives

  • Unity: to work together towards our common objectives

  • Growth: to co-create & evolve with the future in mind

  • Measurements of results: balance, evolution, health of humanity, health of nature.


Article 1: Agile Constitution

  • Living document meant to evolve with humanity. May add additional freedoms or change rights with ⅔ majority vote, but may not decrease rights.

Article 2: Human autonomy

  • Privacy and autonomy in thoughts, hearing, speaking

  • Freedom from control & oppression & mass manipulation

Article 3: Human dignity

  • Choice over your body

  • Autonomy over body and reproduction- balanced freedom of choice- balance (legal avenue: financial responsibility at inception for fathers) **the rest, her body her choice, a medical choice- the medical board can set standards (no earlier than 20 weeks unless proof/evidence the baby can live)

  • Freedom of association

  • Creating balance in gender and racial gaps

  • Universal income (could be created from licensing digital footprint-data as asset)

Article 4: Human health

  • Cleanup the food source to as close to its natural form, sustainable, in balance with nature.

  • Cleanup the waters, use natural water movements rather than pipes and create natural fire barriers. Carry the water in zigzag or circular motion downhill.

  • Replace plastic with hemp

  • Food is guaranteed to all

  • Solar, wind, and water as main sources of energy

  • Hemp is food, medicine, and material for whatever purpose humanity decides

Article 5: Freedom of Speech

  • Test: does one person’s right to free speech outweigh the cost to society. Always balance the scales of individual’s right vs society member’s rights (the needs of many outweigh the need of a few or one)

  • Sexist, racist, agist, and religious hate speech unprotected

Article 6: Ideas, intellectual property, and creations

  • What one creates, one owns and must be compensated for accordingly

  • Encouragement of creativity, critical and independent thinking

Article 7: Privacy

  • A global data rule: your individual data is your property

  • Individuals own their own data and digital footprint

Article 8: Equal opportunity

  • Balanced laws and neutral enforcement of laws regardless of gender, color, partner-preferences etc. human-laws

  • ** due to previous imbalance: goal is to create balance

Article 9: Public health

  • Upgrade the healthcare system to get ahead of existing disease

  • Universal healthcare

Article 10: Stable country borders