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  • Bahar Ansari

Lawve: the law of happiness.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

It's interesting to think about what could actually be a law of happiness we can all agree with. I have thought about this concept for a really long time. I had come to the youthful and well... inexperienced conclusion that it's love. That happiness is love. If you chose to love, then happiness will always come. And I have aligned my life around the principle to do something you love every single day. To choose love.

But the truth is that no one loves everything about what they do every day. No one loves everything about their lives themselves. That's not human nature. It's not realistic. Life is about balance. It's adapting to the continually changing conditions. It's working with your environment. Keyword *work* to co-create.

The first step to creating laws is defining the terms, so everyone agrees on what they mean. in a contract, the first section is always described as what the parties mean by the term "partnership," "product," "license," "service," "shares," "loans," or "investment."

My definition of an attorney, for my words used, is very different from a shaman, an accountant, or an engineer. So to be happy, we have to define our happiness individually. What would make me happy might not be the same dream you have. Some people dream of living in a mansion on the beach or a cabin in the woods. No amount of money would change their preferred natural choice.

The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental right guaranteed in the constitution and defined in the Declaration of Independence to freely pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you happy. As long as you don't do anything illegal or violate the rights of others. (**As LoNg AS WHAt YOU aRE DOINg is legal.)

This changes things a bit, doesn't it? This means that you may do what makes you happy as long as society agrees that what makes you happy is not against your community's collective morals. It doesn't violate the rights of others. The problem is that society is changing faster than a bill can be introduced, let alone passed.

And then society experiences this lag in a cultural shift. We see this in the #blm movement, the #metoo movement, and any other movement in history inspired by pain, by heartbreak that is creating immense change. At the cross-section of people and problems, love and law are creativity. It's an opportunity for change. A chance to dream big. To be brave. To adapt. To be happy.

The only universal law is love; the law of creativity. The rest is 2nd.laws. How do you balance love: self-fulfillment with laws: participation in society? The answer is through creativity.

Have you heard the phrase "love is always the answer?"

At every end of life, there is only love. At birth, there is only love. The only constant, the only absolute, the only universal law is love. Our main driver as a human is to love and be loved. Once you understand that the human core essence is love, that's our way, then it's much easier to follow the same logic, follow a passion in life to find your heart, your purpose, your why. With that said, it's all laws of love at the end. Laws that help you. Laws that support you. Laws that facilitate your achievements of ultimate love, which is fulfillment both within yourself and your communities.

Think about all the most significant moments in a person's life:

-Birth of a child- recognized by laws and identity established with a legal birth certificate

-Citizenship through a passport

-Rights to drive and agreement to abide by traffic rules when you drive

-Agreement to abide by all the criminal laws not to steal or harm anyone participating in society or accept the penalties

-When one gets married, a legal marriage certificate is obtained

-Health decisions through a healthcare directive

-Asset distribution upon death through a will

-A partnership agreement, which is pretty much the marriage certificate

-A shareholder agreement, which is pretty much the prenuptial agreement for the professional marriage

Everything that is being created from love is birthed through laws. Laws provide an opportunity to develop—a chance to create happiness. A framework to design your most significant moments around. Rather than the constitutional "pursuit" of happiness description, I like to describe this as a journey to happiness. Happiness is a lifestyle created with balanced mental, emotional, physical, and environmental health.

According to Maslow's psychological hierarchy of what it takes to be happy, in this, the base of the pyramid is physiological, meaning physical and environmental health: your body and home. Then safety, love and belonging, esteem, and finally, the luxury of self-actualization, of self-knowledge, of happiness, of bliss, of joy, of creativity.

But how could one ever get there without the knowledge of laws? Well, I'm sure some people just get there, but for most, this is a journey we fall into blindly—each with our own unique experiences. We learn about love through heartbreak. We learn about laws through a little trouble. But mostly, we direction with passion in life. We create love with laws in life.

When we want to first do something, do anything, there are two questions we ask ourselves:

1. Can I do it

2. Do I want to do it

Not everybody asks these two questions, and they might not even ask them in that specific order. Still, the point is to understand if a person can actually do that: do the laws of nature allow for that dream, like the dream of flying, or Steve Jobs's personal computer, iPod, or iPhone. How about social rules?

And the second question is do I want to actually do it. Do I care about it enough? Do I want it enough? Do I love it enough to find a way? Because the truth is, when there is a will, there is away. Maybe you won't squeeze your eyes hard and wish you could fly. Perhaps you will invent a solar-powered wing-set to aid you in your flight. Your dream is to fly. Your "why" is to feel the wind beneath your wings and see everything from a higher perspective. Your "what," your vehicle to get there, your "when" your "where," and your "how" our creativity comes in.

There are really only two reasons why we as humans do things in life: for love: because we want to, and 2. Because we can. What transcends both, what creates balance, is creativity. It's weaving an authentic life from love empowered by laws.

Your life is now. Seize it and make it extraordinary. Find your voice. Discover your passion and pursue it. Be honest, generous, and kind. Surround yourself with love, laughter, and truth. Let your heart be your guide. Make a difference. Be brave & wild at heart. Take chances, ask questions. Be fearless. Make a difference. This is your time.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy.

Live your dream. Show compassion. Create your own happiness. Follow your heart. Enjoy the little things. Laugh out loud. Cherish every moment. Dream big. Embrace every possibility. Discover your passion. Believe in miracles. Create peace. Be spontaneous. Remember to breathe. Fall in love. Today is the day."

If you are not enjoying what you do, you are expected to be something you are not. Find what you are passionate about and use your skills as close to your passion areas as possible.

I like the service of helping people. I'm an excellent problem-solver. I help people with my mind through my knowledge and my empathy through connection and understanding. I also like laws. These are the rules of the game.

To innovatively problem-solve, you have to know the rules to see where you can push, bend, break, shift, or change the practice altogether for the best solution.

What are you passionate about? What were you doing the last time you felt happy? What are your hobbies? What are your favorite activities? Do you enjoy cleaning? Are you a super-organizer? Do you love to travel? Is it music that gives you the drive to dream?

What do you do now? Do you like what you do? Would you like it better if you were doing what you do in your passion area? Do you work at a sandwich shop and love to surf? Find a sandwich shop by the beach. Do you wish you could launch that business you have been dreaming about? What is stopping you? It's usually the blocks we create with the "what-ifs." You can bounce your ideas off me.

I'm a forever early adopter with a good-eye for trends and a high empathy for human needs. Get me to believe in your idea, feel your passion, see your dream, and I am going to help you launch it and achieve your goal. I live for this stuff.