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want to join our team of legal visionaries?

We are honored. You have come to the right place. In this school, students learn the must-know strategies on how to break into the U.S. market and to move to the U.S. as a founder. 

There is a lot of inaccurate or complicated information out there on the internet. People don't need to waste hours of time trying to figure this out on their own. That's why Bahar has launched Lawve School. 

Bahar is an award-winning and experienced lawyer with almost a decade of experience working with extraordinary talents and founders moving to America. These courses are clear, concise, and rich with valuable information about how to break into the U.S. market. 

Here is how we will work together when you refer students to Lawve School. 

For $500 Priced Course => We pay $100 Reward  

For $3500 Priced Course => we pay $700 Reward

#Lawve your life & gift the American dream.

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