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 Mission: To empower and co-create .

Philosophy: Be happy

Methodology: #Lawve 


Bahar is a start-up lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and podcast host.


Only 20% of law firm partners in the U.S. are women and a fraction of that are a minority. Bahar is one of them. She was voted as the top 6 women in law changing the legal industry as we know it and has been featured in FORBES and LAW.com.


Iranian-born Bahar graduated with a doctorate in law from Whittier Law School and a Masters's degree in Tax and International law from UCLA School of law. Bahar also holds a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in business from Cal State Fullerton and is a California licensed attorney. 


Over the last 10+ years in law, Bahar has helped hundreds of creative people from all over the world achieve their dreams. From Olympians and award-winning artists to Creators in technology, fashion, farming, and e-commerce.


Bahar first began her career as a litigation attorney and quickly realized that the law's traditional practice was not for her. In 2016, she cofounded a destruptive legal technology company specializing in automation tools for lawyers. In 2018 she launched her true passion 2nd.law, a virtual law firm specializing in creative law. 


Working closely with so many talented founders & creators inspired Bahar to follow her dream which is to empower other creators and dreamers to do the same. Bahar's core experience is launching both new and new-to-the-U.S. startups and range from seed-stage to mature companies with $500M+ in valuation & investors like Goldman Sachs.


In addition to founders, Bahar has worked with executives of fortune 500 companies and government officials on identifying gaps and solving specific problems with out-of-the-box innovative strategies.


Bahar regularly inspires audiences at the most prestigious conferences around the world. She speaks passionately about mastering happiness, unleashing creativity, and teaching people to #lawve what they do through creativity and innovation. 


Bahar's mission is to empower young entrepreneurs inspired to create solutions to today's human problems. 



My #Lawve Story

 Journey to happiness.

They say a person's real gift in life is what they were asked to stop doing as a child. I was a fashion-loving negotiator, so here I am; a creative lawyer. 

"Do one thing every day that makes you happy"  is a principle I live by. I have come to learn that loving what you do and living your dream is more attainable than ever imagined. Life is simple. You just need to get a little creative and resourceful. But most importantly,

you need to keep an open mind.  It takes courage and a thick skin to be

a pioneer and these 4 simple steps:



It always starts with a dream. When I dreamed up my career, I never imagined it would evolve to be what It has become. I am humbled and proud of my accomplishments. I am also grateful for people who touched my heart & encouraged me to dream big along the way

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